Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Have We Become?

I don't really know how to introduce these clips that I hope you'll take the time to watch. I know if you press play, you'll be glad you did. It is POWERFUL!
All I know is that we have GOT to stop letting our culture make our decisions for us on what is right and what is wrong- what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

If you wonder how we've gotten to the pathetic place we're at (morally) in this "christian" nation- I challenge you to begin to question the things you do which you consider so harmless. Is primetime TV harmless? Are those books harmless? Your music, is it harmless? Is marijuana harmless? Is protected pre- marital sex harmless? Is taking birth control harmless?

A startling revelation has come to me recently...The first abortion happened when the first woman took the first birth control pill. (OK I realize that abortions were happening way before that, but for the sake of making a dramatic thought provoking statement, I'll leave it just as it is.)

Our culture now looks upon babies and pregnancies as if they are pests that can be prevented and exterminated when necessary.

When did our mindset so change from valuing the sanctity of life to the one that so arrogantly chooses WHEN and IF?

A pregnancy was once one of the hallmarks of married life. Children were seen as the ultimate blessing between a man and a woman. If a couple happened to be fertile and have many children, they were seen as a blessed and prosperous family.
But today, if a couple chooses to have more than 3 kids they are scorned, made a mockery of, thought to be repulsive and abnormal. You hear comments like, "Don't they know what causes that?", or "why doesn't he leave her alone", "can you spell b-i-r-t-h c-o-n-t-r-o-l?", "they must do it like rabbits!"

Where did this line of thinking come from? How did things so change in a relatively short time span of 50 years?

It began with the pill. Thanks to a new philosophy introduced by Margaret Sanger in 1916 a little notion entered the mind of woman. It whispered that she could be free from the role that nature itself had carved out for her. It was a cunning thought, one whose very voice sounded very similar to the one heard by Eve in the garden. The voice that promised new independence, freedom, and wisdom. The world was dangled in front of the womans eyes once again and like before... she chose wrongly.
Everytime, since the first woman wooed by Margaret Sanger, that a woman has chosen birth control pills, she has cried out "I do not want my child!, I'll kill it instead!"

We know that oral contraceptives occassionally fail. We forget to take them or we take them late. We also know that most times a contraceptive fails and conception occurs, that the the progestin in the birth control causes the fertilized egg...i.e. your baby to abort...to die. We know all this ladies and yet... we say that we're pro life? How we've lied to ourselves and believed our own lies!

But it's always the intentions of our hearts that is judged isn't it?
By the simple act of trying to prevent life, we can see that our intentions are murderous. I have repented this morning for having wrong intentions in my heart by once being on a substance that may have not only killed my babies, but at very least prevented them...how arrogant of me, how self centered and ANTI- God.
I've always made the claim that I would NEVER have an abortion. I would never kill my baby under any circumstance...but the truth is that I may have already done it several times simply by being on birth control. How many self righteous christian women I've known who have done and are doing the same thing...knowingly! May God have mercy on us all...

I may never know if I caused abortion by taking birth control. I was on it infrequently and rather sporadically in the early years of our marriage. (It never seemed to agree with me...imagine that.) I will have to wonder and mourn over it for the rest of my days though.

It just makes me mad! Why? Why do we take these things so lightly? Why don't we weigh what we do and why we're doing it more? Why don't we question our own motives on things? Why do we just go along with the crowd so often?

Is God sovereign or not? Can we trust him ladies, to decide how many children we are to have? Isn't every life ordained by God? Does He make mistakes that we have to correct by birth control and abortion?

We spend the first few years of our adult lives trying to prevent children and then when we deem that we're ready, our bodies betray us, ruined by the drugs that we have fed them to prevent the life that we so desperately want... now. If I believed in Karma, this would be the perfect example.

I know more women with reproductive problems and infertility than I know who do not have any. Could this be God's judgement? The sentence given to us for the scorn we have felt toward our God given gift as givers of life?

God gave women the most beautiful, important and noble of tasks...to bring life into the world. And we have SPIT in His face. We've screamed to Him that we don't want it...we only want what the world wants. So, being the gentleman He is, he has taken it away from many of us.

Problem solved isn't it?